Dog Meets Wolf


Dog Meets Wolf

from LifeIsQuick

Update: After a year or two, we finally have a sequel with a very different ending, please see Dog Meets Deer as well, at…

Rasta the Vizsla slowly stalks down a wolf on a golf course (turns out it was a coyote). This is real time, not slowed down, the stalking was actually about 6 minutes, cut down to a bit over 2 minutes. Shaky screen because it was filmed on an iPhone, I just figured out how to stabilize the video, but YouTube says this video has too many Views to save it that way. A German company owns the music, so cannot save this video to allow mobile or TV, but someone said this works:, although does not show on my iPhone. The first song is from Jaws, the second song from Wizard of Oz. The dog is pointing, a Vizsla, one of the oldest breeds, 1,000 years old. Thanks for so much support. Thanks.
You can also watch this video at the source.


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