Funny Birds Imitating Electronic Sounds


Funny Birds Imitating Electronic Sounds

Parrots Mimic Alarm, Ringtone and More

from Break Time
Hilarious parrots and other pet birds with amazing skills mimicking iphone ringtones, twitter sounds, computer and video games noises, microwave oven beeps, and all sort of electronic sounds!

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CUTEST Baby ANIMALS Ever – Adorable Little Pets Videos Vines Compilation:… Pet FERRETS are HILARIOUS and so PLAYFUL Funny and Cute Cockatiel Singing and Whistling:… — — — Sources: 00:0000:28 : “R2D2 Budgie Loves R2D2” video by pipi-channel 00:2800:45 : “Loro celular cogotero Samsung Parrot” video by Juan Pablo Rusiñol 00:4501:05 : “Cockatiel imitates iPhone sounds” video by Jason Jones 01:0501:19 : “Nova imitates microwave” video by Kate Titus 01:1901:37 : “Bird Imitates Cellphone Ring” video by charliegavinelli 01:3701:45 : “Larry the parrot dials an imaginary phone number, rambles a little, then starts laughing.” video by ecut1 01:4502:03 : “Jolie the parrot iPhone ringtone” video by Pete Biv 02:0302:29 : “parrot telephone noises” video by ozay khoder 02:2902:54 : “loro imitador de sonidos de celular” video by Rogelio Rios 02:5403:39 : “Bird tricks – Cell phone ring, kiss, cough” video by Liz Gaydos 03:3903:49 : “Cosmos imitating sound of microwave…” video by Christine clk 03:4904:21 : “Loro con alarma” video by andres sosa 04:2104:38 : “Ricky the Parrot funny telephone ringing” video by tekdyne 04:3804:51 : “cockatiel singing iPhone mobile ringtone” video by Sepehr Abbasi 04:5105:19 : “Parrot parodies phone call” Byfrostik 05:1905:36 : “Cockatiel imitates microwave” video by tartarcity 05:3605:42 : “Parrot sounds like telephone” video by mike nitz 05:4206:13 : “Parrot barking and ringing like a phone :)” video by sarah4ste 06:1306:19 : “Cute bird imitate the sound of microwave buttons!” Cafacci Mourinho 06:1907:03 : “Pájaro imitador de celulares” video by NovedadesAhora2 07:0307:33 : “Amazon Parrot mimicing telephone ringer perfectly! MUST WATCH! HILARIOUS AND ADORABLE!” video by TheSkittlepie 07:3308:07 : “Aussie Magpie sings like R2D2!!” video by MyAussieMagpie 08:0708:34 : “Bird Mimics iPhone Alarm” video by hoppingjoker 08:3408:57 : “Bird Pacific parrotlet singing iPhone Opening ringtone” video by Laughable stories 08:5709:01 : “Blackbird mimicking a ringtone” video by Tom Eveson 09:0109:23 : “Echo Parrot vs iPhone4s tweet text tone” video by socalgirl220 09:2309:35 : “Cockatiel singing iPhone ring tone” video by Rickie Bird 09:3509:46 : “Bird makes cellphone sounds!!!” video by andrenegwer 09:4609:52 : “Cockatiel Ringtone” video by Elsama — — — Want to see your funny videos in our compilations? Send your clips to Copyright issue? Please send us an email and we’ll get it resolved.

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