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Music: Sleep – Dragonaut / Earache Records

Cats! We’ve been worshipping them for thousands of years, so is our current world wide obsession with any any surprise? Bask in their Derp-tastic expressions while they roar (actually just a meow) Shake (from an ear cleaning, or just from rubbing their ears, we had a pro animal care tech on set) and lick (cream cheese, anyone?) their way into internet glory.

SHAKE CATS is the newest book in the series SHAKE by video director and producer Carli Davidson. If you are fans of the video, there is a very good chance you will enjoy the book as well. Check it out on the link below and please consider supporting these fun projects. A portion of advance proceeds go to animal charities.

Score: Sleep “Dragonaut” Sleep Music/Merch
Label: Earache Records

*No cats were harmed during the making of this film. We love animals. Cat shakes were in some (not all) cases achieved with an ear cleaning with cat ear cleaner (Epi-Otic) performed by a certified animal care technician. They also all received nail trims, yummy treats, and lots of purrr inducing love. Many cats needed the ear cleaning pretty badly, especially the cats in rescue that had spent time living outdoors. Please reach out to directly if you have any questions or concerns about the animal’s rolls and we will get back to you asap. Thanks in advance!

For press inquiries about SHAKE please contact:

Directed and Produced by: Carli Davidson
Director of Photography: Paulius Kontijevas
Camera Master/Phantom 4K Technician: Daniel Hurst
Gaffer: Brysen Uhalde
Animal Wrangler: Tanya Paul
Production Assistant: Mehgan Murphy, Bree Winchell
Post Production: Treehouse Post
Editors: Isaac Marchionna, Martin Melnick

Additional Cat Video provided by Variable Productions

Special thanks to Via Films for their generosity and support with their Phantom 4k Flex package, as well as lighting. this would not have been possible without you.

So many thanks to Tom Hadfield and Earache Records for helping make this so epic, for more on the song Dragonaut by Sleep check out

Thank you to the entire Becker family and Becker Productions for kindly providing us with a great studio space and plenty of lighting and grip to cover with CAT hair and drool.
Thanks as well to Gearhead Grip for providing us with a solid package of grip and generators to kick the shoot into high gear. Also for the portable AC unit, because 10k’s are NO JOKE.
Of course it goes without saying, thank you to all the the wonderful cat owners who trusted Tanya and I to groom your cat on set and share their silly faces with the world. Thank you a million times to Panda Paws Rescue and The Pixie Project for providing us with your rescue cats, hopefully they will help remind the world to adopt and not shop!!!

You can also watch this video at the source.


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