World’s Smallest Cats & Cat Breeds


World’s Smallest Cats & Cat Breeds

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  1. The Japanese bobtail is completely naturally, and it’s bobtail contributes to its unique appearance. Considered to be good luck by the Japanese, the Japanese Bobtail can certainly make you feel lucky with its happy disposition and playfulness. Unlike other cats, Japanese Bobtails actually enjoy the water, and you may find this breed splashing in the sink or dipping a paw into the bathtub.
  2. The Napoleon, named after the famous war general, is the result of breeding Munchkins and Persians. The result is a small cat with very short legs, but a beautiful, soft, luxuriant coat that can be either short or long. Probably less of an active breed than many, the Napoleon is quite docile, which makes it a good choice for families who want an indoor cat. They tend to dislike going outdoors because if a predator strikes their short limbs can’t get them away quick enough
  3. The American Curl has distinctively rear-curling ears. Only the largest cats will reach 10 pounds, with most in the 8 pound range, and females several pounds lighter. American Curls never really grow up, they keep their lively, curious, playful dispositions throughout their life. As much as Curls love to play, they also bond very closely with their owners, and are happiest when interacting with them
  4. The Cornish Rex weighs well under ten pounds,and only weighing between 6 and 7 pounds. The Cornish Rex has narrow face topped by large ears and huge eyes. One of the most noticeable things about this breed is its coat, which is wavy, but very soft to the touch.
  5. While many Siamese could be considered more ‘normal’ in size, a good number of breeders have worked to make this popular breed more slender and petite. Its Thai name means ‘Moon Diamond’. There is no mistaking the distinctive coloration of the Siamese cat’s coat, and no mistaking those big blue eyes. You won’t have a stodgy cat as your Siamese ages, this breed remains lively and playful throughout its life, and is one of the cat breeds that can be trained. Siamese cats seek interaction with humans and tend to enjoy the company of other household pets
  6. This is the singapura cat, with its huge overwhelming eyes and ears when fully grown. Other mini cats have been bred through selective breeding and trials but this guy is completely natural. They love interaction with humans and other cats and even though they’re tiny they have completely proportionate bodies
  7. The munchkin breed is even shorter than the minskin, these guys have the tiniest legs of all. They’ve been bred to resemble a sausage dog and would be called a dwarf in human terms. This means they’re just as healthy and active as normal cats they just can’t jump as high. They still always land on their feet though You might not recognise the Minskin cat breed right away and that’s because this guy is complete with fur
  8. But they more commonly look like this guy. They have some of the biggest eyes and ears of all breed types but generally have little to no hair on their body. Their stout and short legs mean they’re not the most agile or fast of cats and can get quite lazy
  9. The oriental cat is a cousin of the more famous siamese cat and it has such rich ancestry it comes in over 600 coat types and colours. The cat has quite long legs for a little breed They are very agile and can leap higher than most cats with their leg length aiding them in doing so. 10. You would think this guy has been living his life in a dumpster and just been rescued, getting a lovely wash and leaving his scruffy hair all curly, but its completely normal in the devon rex breed. They weigh under
  10. lbs They are actually one of the more exotic cat breeds and worth a large chunk of change to buy. They can be quite clingy and don’t like to go outdoors much.

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